Secure Folders 1.0 Setup Full Registered


Secure Folders provides protection for your sensitive files as well as documents past times hiding them or locking them, as well as creating password-only access. No thing what you're trying to top away on safe, this app gives y'all the tools to produce it the agency y'all desire through its intuitive as well as streamlined interface.

While at that topographic point is no Help file for this app, the controls are then straightforward that y'all should convey no problem finding your agency around. Using the buttons at the top of the screen, y'all tin give the sack add together files past times browsing from your computer. The files y'all select volition seem inwards a listing inwards the middle of the app window, as well as from there, y'all tin give the sack pick out which activity you'd similar to perform. The options include hiding the file, locking it, making it read-only, as well as making it a no-execution file. You tin give the sack alter the selected action, or take an exceptional from the listing at whatsoever time, as well as y'all tin give the sack enable or disable protection past times clicking the push clit inwards the lower left-hand corner. In the Settings menu, y'all convey the mightiness to plough on password protection, as well as fix a password then that no i tin give the sack larn into the app as well as brand changes without authorization. You tin give the sack also become to the advanced settings carte du jour to automatically take secure folder traces from Windows late used applications history for an additional safeguard.

Secure Folders is a gratuitous app that offers multiple types of protection for your files. It runs good as well as provides a overnice array of features that are real accessible to users of all sense levels.


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