Secure Folder Lock Full Registered Setup



Secure Folder is an easy-to-use folder safety software that lets you lot hide, lock as well as encrypt folders through an intuitive as well as uncomplicated interface. Secure Folder has been designed amongst the role to driblet dead along your files rubber from prying eyes. It encrypts information using 256-bit AES encryption.

Secure Folder supports iii types of modes: Hide, Lock as well as Encrypt User tin choose whatever or all of the iii modes to secure folder. Main features: Unlimited pose out of folders tin survive protected. Simple, fast as well as user friendly interface. Implements 256-bit AES to encrypt files. Effective password protection. Uninstalling volition non uncover locked folders. Windows Explorer integration. Supports Drag & Drop. Live update.

Secure Folder is meant for those users who wants to driblet dead along their files secret. It tin survive easily used past times whatever novice user equally it is real uncomplicated to use.


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