Video Reverse Maker APK For Android



Reverse Video is an app that lets you lot utilisation a opposite video that looks similar a magic trick! First tape a video of person (or you): walking, drinking orangish juice, talking or whatever other regard that comes to your head! After that choose a desired film fragment as well as press start! The app volition opposite your video: you lot volition run into people walking backwards, your friend spitting the juice out, people talking backwards!

H5N1 few ideas of video reverse:
- special kinetic attraction (you accept to throw an item)
- tear a canvass of paper
- throwing a canvass of papier to the toilet
- drinking a juice (and spitting it out every bit a result)
- spilling a juice
- coin attracting
- etc.

Reversing options:
- Add music
- reversed + master (loop)
- master + reversed (loop)

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