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Super boom man child ted lead chances inwards jungle world. He convey to race through v worlds(Jungle world, Grassland world, Desert world, Ice basis as well as Volcanic world), live on from countless traps as well as enemies, collects mega millions coins, uses powerball to crunch the boss: inferno dragon, greedy spider, phantom snake, lost mummy as well as diamond duke, as well as thence rescue his friends Kong as well as Dino. This game tells his super jungle adventure, which is a fantastic 2nd side-scrolling platform game amongst the best feel of control, 30+ kinds of enemies, 5 large bosses, l well-designed levels, as well as a lot of classic characters, such equally Mega Boy, Pac Bear, Clumsy Mario, Goku Warrior, Zombie Bunny, Vampire Hunter as well as thence on.
This game is slowly to command merely likewise really addictive. Very details of classic platform games been remade inwards Marco World. such equally saltation to boom enemy, brick breaker, power-up item, Marco picks upward burger(becomes bigger), speed shoes(ability of sonic dash), sliding tortoise as well as thence on. The super awesome as well as UNIQUE features of Super Marco is the hidden Dungeon world.
Now, it's fourth dimension to install the game as well as bask Fun Run as well as Jump, Crouch, Power-Up., You are a existent hero...
Supported Languages: English, Español, Português now, to a greater extent than volition come upward soon.

1) Rich animations as well as in-game graphics

2) Moving background music as well as audio effects

3) ix challenging enemies: reddish snake, giant snail, yellowish hornet, cloud grunter as well as to a greater extent than undercover enemies etc

4) Many power-up Items: powerball, burger, coke, speed shoes, battle shoes, (more are coming soon)
5) Jump on the overstep of enemy to defeat them
6) Break brick to unloosen power-up item
7) Pick upward items to popular off bigger, invincible or obtain might of throwing ball
8) Hidden warp world

How to play
1) Tap Left + Right to movement around

2) Tap Jump push clit to interruption brick
3) Hold Jump push clit for a piece to saltation higher
4) Stand on the overstep of tunnel for piece to movement into into it.

5) Tap Left + Right to swing vine

6) Jump on the overstep of enemy to defeat them, or throw ball at them.

7) Collect millions coins equally many equally y'all tin to unlock novel levels as well as get together power-up items.

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