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(Counter Terrorist 2) which combines our fans' together with our team's groovy ideas.
directly is available for download.

☑You tin plow "Auto Shoot" ON/OFF inward battle.

☑You tin alter "Aim Sensitivity" inward interruption button.

☑More weapons, inward 2.0 nosotros accept xx weapons, about are actually the "monsters":)

☑More levels, inward 2.0 nosotros added two to a greater extent than levels which comprise gorgeous environment.

☑More smart enemies, inward 2.0 nosotros volition confront much smarter enemies, you'd improve non despise them.

☑Harder degree agency to a greater extent than rewards.

Game control:

☑Left 1/3 enshroud is for moving,right 2/3 enshroud is for aiming.

☑When y'all aim the target,your weapon volition burn automatially,giving y'all a much easier FPS game control.

☑You tin gear upwards your bullets earlier battling,or car purchase bullet inward the battle.

☑You tin tweak your command sensivity inward your interruption menu,fit all the android devices here.

☑Auto buying bullets inward the battle,save your precious time

☑Aim the head,give your enemy the critical strike!

☑Enemies' life together with impairment grows when y'all direct a harder level.


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