Semi AMP - Blogger Template SEO Friendly And Responsive

Semi AMP

Semi AMP - Blogger Template SEO Friendly And Responsive you must have known amp, which is short for accelerated mobile pages or "accelerated mobile pages". read more on amp's official homepage.

according to google, accelerated mobile pages (amp) are web pages designed based on open source specifications. the amp page of validation results is stored in google's amp cache, which makes it faster to serve.

the amp format is supported by multiple platforms, including google search. if the webpage listed in google search results has a valid amp version, search may redirect mobile users to the cached amp.

well, cb try to create an amp-based blogger template. however, since cb is less fond of the disqus comment box that is compatible with amp, then cb just plug blogger's comment box. as a result, this template is invalid amp.

other blogger template code is also still cb pairs. it makes this template semi amp because it is not fully amp based, so it is not valid amp, created with "mixed" template code and blogger default amp.

Desaign And Publisher

Desaign : CB Blogger
Publisher : kanatemplatelom

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