Can’t Sleep? Here’s What You Can Do

Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Virtually every person experiences difficulty falling asleep at some point but if that is your case every night for so long now then you’re most probably already experiencing the negative consequences of your lack of sleep.

The first thing to ask yourself is what keeps you from falling asleep? If you go to bed with a really full stomach, you’ll naturally find it hard to get a shuteye. That’s why it isn’t recommended to eat so much before bedtime. Two or three hours before your time to sleep would be an ideal time to have your dinner.

If you’re used to doing intense activities prior to your bedtime then that’s another thing you should consider changing. Some people workout extensively right before hitting the sack. While you may immediately sleep in exhaustion, you’re also very much likely to feel restless and unable to sleep.

So if you’re wondering what the best way is to get a good night’s sleep, there really is no special secret. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa. The key is to determine what keeps you from falling asleep and then take action from there.

You can keep a regular sleep schedule, a pattern will help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed this way but you have to make an effort to stick to it as it’s important to be consistent to achieve the result. Another thing you can do is to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible and remove all the distractions. Yes, stop tinkering on your phone. Keep your ipad away instead of using it while waiting for yourself to get drowsy.

If you don’t have the slightest idea what’s keeping you from falling asleep then it’s recommended to see your doctor. Sleep is a very precious time that allows our body to do its natural repairing and without it, the consequences could be life-threatening. If you have a sleep disorder you’re not aware of, it is best to get it diagnosed for proper and timely treatment.

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?

For optimal health, a person needs to get sufficient sleep. This affects hormone levels, mood, weight, and overall wellness. But what if you have a sleep disorder that keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep? What if you don’t know you have one?

Sleep disorders doesn’t just cause sleepiness. It can have a largely negative impact on your energy, physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. So if you’re frequently feeling sleepy and irritable during the day, falling asleep or feeling exhausted when you drive, if you’re having difficulty concentrating or doing your usual tasks, you’re reacting rather slowly, having problem controling your emotions, if you’re feeling like you have to keep consuming more caffeine just to get a work done… if you’re experiencing all these then you have a sleep disorder.

What if you’re regularly early in bed and sleeping for hours and feeling these? Now take note that insomnia or difficulty falling asleep is not the only sleep disorder. Your mere snoring could be a sleep disorder or a sign of something far more serious than you thought.

If you’re a snorer and haven’t thought that it’s interrupting your sleep at all then it’s time to look at your condition differently. Many snorers tend to think that snoring is just a mere noise you make when you sleep. It’s not. It’s an outcome of something that’s going on inside your body particularly your throat. More info on this can be found on

When the muscles in your throat relax, the air passages are constricted making a vibration and emitting a sound we all refer to as snore. While it may be very common to many, it’s not something you should ignore. If you’re a chronic, loud snorer, watch out. It could be more fatal. Anti-snoring treatments like this – could be your option.

If you have a partner in bed, ask if you’re frequently pausing in breathing while you’re asleep. Ask if your partner hears you gasps, snorts, or chokes in sleep. These are signs that you may have sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that’s fatal and requires medical attention. If you have these issues, the first thing you need to do is to consult your doctor.

When You Dont’ Get Enough Sleep

Have you ever wished you could sleep for 15 hours or more like a cat? When you’re wishing it because you’re actually feeling like you need it, then you’re probably sleep deprived and need to get more than just a catnap.

Sleeplessness leads to several things you don’t want to happen to yourself. It doesn’t only exhaust you but it dumbs you down as well. It impairs your concentration, alertness, reasoning, and ability to solve problems. It just plain makes everything difficult to understand and learn.

Lack of sleep makes you age fast. Now, that you definitely don’t want, right? No matter how much anti-aging cream you apply on your skin if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll get puffy eyes and sallow skin. Your skin tone will become lackluster with fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles under your eyes.

It makes you forgetful. You’re already feeling dumb and old, then you’re also forgetting things? If you think that’s the worst, you haven’t heard half of it yet. Insufficient sleep also makes you gain weight. Argh… It now really sounds awful. But based on studies, inadequate sleep has been found to be related to an increase in hunger, appetite, and obesity.

Sleep deprivation leads to serious diseases…. heart disease, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other fatal ailments. Needless to say, these can stop you from living the life you want and increases your risk of death.

You may not be able to sleep like your cat’s but you do need sufficient amount of time for a decent sleep. If this is a chronic problem you’re not sure how to deal with, it is best to seek your doctor’s advice. Get a healthier habit before going to bed and make a healthy pattern to achieve the sleep your body needs every night.